Mobitantron  provides end-to-end services for product development and deployment in the embedded space Mobitantron  provides total solutions for a given requirement, which may include board design, FPGA design, firmware and middleware, embedded application development, system integration, production support and product lifecycle support.

Mobitantron services benefit the end-users and product developers by accelerating time-to-market for a broad range of embedded applications in the following industry verticals like Defense and Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Electronics, Wireless, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Applications, Telecom and Networking and Homeland Security.We engage with its customers in every step of the product engineering and system integration process, providing world–class and cost-effective solutions.


Some of the technology services that we offer in the Embedded space include the following :

  • Developing Board
  • Support Packages
  • Application Porting & Embedded OS
  • Development of Embedded Applications
  • Real Time Embedded Application development
  • Understanding of complex hardware architectures.
  • Device Driver Development.

Development : The various device controllers for which we can offer technology services are the following :

  • ARM Cortex 8
  • ARM9 Davinci
  • Video Cortex A8
  • TI MSP 430

Mobitantron can offer expertise in peripheral devices & development of embedded applications for handheld devices,cameras,capacitive touch screen ,magnetic card readers . In addition we have exposure to various memory interfaces namely DDR2, DDR3, Flash Memory,SD/MMC Card, SSD.